Relevant Quotes – The Law of One: Book 4


THOUGHT FORMS: …for any thought is a form or symbol or thing that is an object seen in time/space reference. P. 10

THREE FORMS OF ARCHETYPAL STUDY: It is appropriate to study one form of constructed and organized distortion of the archetypical mind in depth in order to arrive at the position of being able to become and to experience archetypes at will. You have three basic choices. You may choose astrology, the twelve signs, as you call these portions of your planet’s energy web, and what has been called the ten planets. You may choose the tarot with its twenty-two so-called Major Arcana. You may choose the study of the so-called Tree of Life with its ten Sephiroth and the twenty-two relationships between the stations. Pgs. 11-12

ARCHETYPAL MIND THROUGH LOGOI: The archetypical mind is that mind which is peculiar to the Logos under which influence you are at this space/time distorting your experiences. There is no other Logos the archetypical mind of which would be the same any more than the stars would appear the same from another planet in another galaxy. You may correctly infer that the closer Logoi are indeed closer in archetypes. P.12

ARCHETYPAL FORMATION: Q: in that case, you would have as a Logos, you would have the advantage of selecting the form of acceleration, I might say, of spiritual evolution by planning for what we call the major archetypical philosophical foundation and planning these as a function of the polarity that would be gained in third density. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is exquisitely correct. P.22

UNCONSCIOUS/HIGH PRIESTESS POTENTIATOR OF THE MIND: It is to be noted that of itself consciousness is unmoved. The potentiator of the consciousness is the unconscious. This encompasses a vast realm of potential in the mind. P.27

IMPORTANCE OF POLARISING ENVIRONMENTS, THEY ACCELERATE GROWTH: Consider, if you will, the tendency of those who are divinely happy, as you call this distortion, to have little urge to alter or better their condition. Such is the result of the mind/body/spirit which is not complex. There is the possibility of love of other-selves and service to other-selves, but there is the overwhelming awareness of the Creator in the self. The connection with the Creator is that of the umbilical cord. The security is total. Therefore, no love is terribly important; no pain terribly frightening; no effort, therefore, is made to serve for love or to benefit from fear. P.69

IMPORTANCE OF ALLIANCE IN THE SEEKING OF THE CREATOR: Those of like mind which together seek shall far more surely find P. 77

PENETRATION OF VEIL SYNONYMOUS WITH GREEN RAY: The penetration of the veil may be seen to begin to have its roots in the gestation of green-ray activity, that all-compassionate love which demands no return. If this path is followed the higher energy centers shall be activated and crystallized until the adept is born. Within the adept is the potential for dismantling the veil to a greater or lesser extent that all may be seen again as one. The other-self is primary catalyst in this particular path to the piercing of the veil, if you would call it that. Pgs. 77-78

NATURE OF THE UNCONSCIOUS: The nature of the unconscious is the nature of the concept rather than the word. P.97

CONNECTION TO HGHER SELF AND GUIDES IN SLEEP STATE/DREAMING: As a mind/body/spirit complex consciously chooses the path of the adept and, with each energy center balanced to a minimal degree, begins to open the indigo-ray energy center, the so-called dreaming becomes the most efficient tool for polarization, for, if it is known by the adept that work may be done in consciousness while the so-called conscious mind rests, this adept may call upon those which guide it, those presences which surround it, and, most of all, the magical personality which is the higher self in space/time analog as it moves into the sleeping mode of consciousness. With these affirmations attended to, the activity of dreaming reaches that potential of learn/teaching which is most helpful to increasing the distortions of the adept towards its chosen polarity. P.98

ALL IS CATALYST: All that assaults our senses is catalyst. We, unspeaking to this support group through this instrument, offer catalyst. The configurations of each in the group of body offer catalyst through comfort, discomfort. in fact all that is unprocessed that has come before the notice of a mind/body/spirit complex is catalyst. P.167



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