Destruction is Creation

Just as destruction is creation, extreme pain opens to a higher love. Transformation is a necessary constant, and oftentimes transformation is chaotic. It is wild and blinding, a terror that holds pleasure. Underlying all pain and pandemonium is the orphic potential of a greater existence/being. All things are interrelated therefore all things can lead to a higher purpose, if you feel it, nonjudgmentally.

Like purification through fire, energies are cleared through chaos. Darkness, disorder, disarray is a part of the spiritual path, the more one expands, the more dirt one unearths. De-stigmatise this. Wherever there is chaos there is growth. The ugliness and pain of the transformative process always alludes to something greater. And by greater I do not mean something obvious, physical. It is so commonly the immaterial expansion of perception and love that comes into realisation once the cacophony is through. Accept the chaos of yourself and those around you, for it is a metamorphic fire. I get called a ‘mess’ quite a bit, but I no longer care about the judgements attached to this word – if expansion and expression is messy, then please let me make beautiful mayhem. (Anyway, once the mess has served me, it vanishes from my life – others may care, but I do no longer.)

Some people may never go through such clear transformation and evolution. Metamorphosis happens, even on the tiniest levels, and we all have extremely unique paths of development. Those who have never (yet) fully set themselves alight, exposed themselves to ultimate chaos and void may present ‘well’, may have a solidified personality and general ease of being – but this means little. Why should the surface-pristine, dry and clean be honoured as above the dynamic being? Love the beings that delve into the delphic darkness, for they need much support in their journeys. Those who gauge deep into the mind and emotions, who penetrate perspectives and paradigms with swift sword are courageous and expansive entities. Their capabilities to peer deep mirror their capacities to rise beyond. Those who transcend and evolve, cut and dissect themselves so as to rekindle their being in purified and supernatural form. The more chaos we experience and release, the emptier we become, the fuller beings we augment into. The fire of existentialism, employed in any reality, will decimate one’s boundaries and open one to the further infinity of abundant potentialities.

So, do not play within the barricades of provided ‘truth’ and ’safety’. (Be thankful for their existence) Then destruct and transcend them. White noise may take over as you heal from the tumult, but a newfangled clarity and divinity will always find you. You will look upon your environment not only from above, but from a total all-round expansiveness.

This process of metamorphic chaos/paradigm destruction is relevant not only to individuals but to our global situation. In this dimension of polarities we still somewhat operate within, to make room for the ‘positive’/higher we must move through and integrate the ‘negative’/lower. Our earth is a blazing expression of this. As we transition into fourth density green-ray heart-centred living much disarray must display itself. Old core belief systems and archaic energies must be transformed, commonly through absolute destruction. Copius paradigms of negativity and separation are so intrinsically branded within many collective psyches that these boundaries must be viscerally obliterated. The more we demolish in regards to the earth collective (consumerism, capitalism, enslavement, speciesism…) and our personal being (invalidation, fear of releasing, fear of expression and connection) the more wisdom we expand into. With this higher knowledge and advanced emotional awareness we can transmute old energies in more controlled processes. Here the destruction is more subtle, and makes sense in a refined way. Through releasing the need for control by giving into ultimate paradigm annihilation, we are rewarded with the responsibility of exercising more control in other transformative processes.

Accept and honour the inner and outer hell, the hell of yourself and others. Realise the potent essentiality of chaotic transformation, do not invalidate it or try to outsmart it. Recognise the great chaos individuals and collectives experience as cathartic, necessary, and impermanent. We are ascending as Gaians into an age of great harmony. Therefore, disharmony must express itself in order for all harmonic polarities to attune to the highest harmonic vibration.


Relevant Quotes: Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of The Soul

REALITY CREATION: The fact is that each of you create your own physical reality, and en masse, you create both the glories and terrors that exist within your earthly experience. P.6

EGO: The ego is a jealous god, and it wants its interests served. It does not want to admit the reality of any dimensions except those within which it feels comfortable and can understand. It was meant to be an aid but it has been allowed to become a tyrant. Even so, it is much more resilient and eager to learn than is generally supposed. It is not natively as rigid as it seems. Its curiosity can be of great value. P.12

PERSONALITY: The entity is an overall identity of which his personality is one manifestation — an independent and eternally valid portion. P.14

TELEPATHY: Telepathy is the basis for your languages, without which their symbolism would be meaningless. P. 19

OUTER/INNER SENSES: The physical senses force you to translate experience into physical perceptions. The inner senses open you to a range of perception, allow you to interpret experience in a far freer manner and to create new forms and new channels through which you, or any consciousness, can know itself. P.26

THOUGHTS ARE IMMORTAL: These subjective openings through which thoughts seem to disappear are in fact like psychic warps, connecting the self that you know with other universes of experience – realities where symbols come to life and thoughts are not denied their potential.

There is communication between these other realities and your own in your dream states, and a constant interaction between both systems.  If there is any point where your own consciousness seems to elude you or escape you, or if there is any point where your consciousness seems to end, then these are the points where you have yourselves set up psychological and psychic barriers, and these are precisely those areas that you should explore.  Otherwise you feel as if your consciousness is enclosed within your skull, immobile and constricted, and every lost thought or forgotten memory at least symbolically seems like a small death.  And such is not the case. P.44

INNER SENSES: So the inner senses are channels that provide communication between various dimensions of existence. P.57

THOUGHT MANIFESTATION, COORDINATE POINTS: Each thought or emotion therefore exists as an electromagnetic energy unit or as a combination of theses under certain conditions, and often with the help of coordinate points, they emerge into the building blocks of physical matter. P.66

THOUGHT MANIFESTATION, COORDINATE POINTS: These coordinate points themselves activate the behaviour of atoms and molecules as, say for example, the sun aids the growth of plants. The coordinates activate the generating behaviour of atoms and molecules, and greatly encourage their cooperative abilities; their tendency to swarm, so to speak, into organisations and structural groupings. P.67

IMMANENCE OF CHANNEL COMMUNICATION: Channels, psychological and psychic, always exist, sending communications back and forth through the various levels of the self, and the ego accepts necessary information and data from inner portions of the personality without question. P.71

CREATIVITY AS MULTIDIMENSIONAL: Any creative work involves you in a cooperative process in which you learn to dip into these other streams of consciousness, and come up with a perception that has far more dimensions than one arising from the one narrow, usual stream of consciousness that you know. Great creativity is then multidimensional for this reason. Its origin is not from one reality, but from many, and it is tinged with the multiplicity of that origin.

Great creativity always seems more than its pure physical dimension and reality. By contrast with the so-called usual, it appears almost as an intrusion. It takes the breath away. Such creativity automatically reminds each man of his multidimensional reality. The words “know thyself,” therefore, mean far more than most people ever suppose. P.92

SLEEP EXPERIENCE: But in the very deep reaches of sleep experiences … you are in communication with other portions of your own identity, and with other realities in which they exist. P.93

MULTIDIMENSIONAL WORKS OF ART: Instead of paints, pigments, words, and musical notes, the creators begin to experiment with dimensions of actuality, imparting knowledge in as many forms as possible. What you would call time is manipulated as an artist would manipulate pigment. What you would call space is gathered together in different ways. Art is created then, using time -for example- as a structure. In your terms time and space might be mixed. The beauties of various ages, the natural beauties, the paintings and buildings are all recreated as learning methods for these beginners. One of their main preoccupations is to create beauty that impinges itself in as many various dimensions of reality as possible.

Such a work would be perceived in your system was one thing, for example, but would also be perceived in probable realities, though perhaps in an entirely different way – a multidimensional art, you see, so free and elemental that it would appear simultaneously in many realities. Pgs. 166-167

EGO BOUNDARIES: The invisible environment within your mind is not as lonely as you might think, and your seeming inner isolation is caused by the ego’s persistent guard. It sees no reason, for example, why you should be informed of information that is does not consider pertinent to day-by-day daily activity. P.229

SPEAKERS [WANDERERS] AND ART: Many artists, poets, and musicians are speakers, translating one world in terms of another, forming psychic structures that exist in both with great vitality — structures that may be perceived from more than one reality at once. P.247

SYMBOLS: Symbols represent the infinite variations of feelings, and invidious stages of consciousness these will appear in different terms, but they will always accompany you. P. 255

SYMBOLS: All symbols stand for inner realities, therefore, and when you juggle symbols, you are juggling inner realities. P.259

SLEEP EXPERIENCE AFTER DREAMS: In th following deep protected areas of sleep, the higher centres of inner self are allowed to function and come to the aid of the three-dimensionally oriented portion of the personality. P.262

TIME: What separates events is not time, but your perception. You perceive events “one at a time” Time as it appears to you is, instead, a psychic organisation of experience. P.313

IMMANENT KNOWLEDGE OF GOD: There is comprehension of the meaning of all existence within each personality. The knowledge of multidimensional existence is not only in the background of your present conscious activity, but each man knows within himself that his conscious life is dependent upon a greater dimension of reality. P.324

DIMENSIONAL TRANSITIONING INTO FOURTH DENSITY: In the next century, the inner nature of man, with these developments, will free itself from many constraints that have bound it. A new era will indeed begin, not, now, a heaven on earth, but a far more sane and just world, in which man is far more aware of his relationship with his planet and of his freedom within time. P.332

DIMENSIONAL TRANSITIONING INTO FOURTH DENSITY: Man’s experience will be so extended that to you the species will seem to have changed into another. P.334



We are currently in the third density transitioning to fourth density, which means different laws regarding the same concept are dually activated. Regarding manifestation/‘creating one’s own reality’, there are many circulating beliefs and techniques. All hold weight, yet alone many are overall ineffective. Amalgamation of beliefs, as well as aligning with one’s own individual core feelings about the nature of manifesting is quite vital.

Our third-density/yellow ray environment is physical/material, and primarily an environment of apparent dualities and polarities. Therefore, in this environment we see positives and negatives. I realise I have come to assume that when experiencing negative/bad situations I form a tension in my being and begin to blame myself for ‘attracting’ the unpleasantness. When experiencing positivity, I feel quite peaceful, thankful, and exhilarated – I believe I have had a major part in creating the beautiful experience. Although both reactions appear balanced/valid, I feel much more expansion and further positive manifestation comes from the latter reaction to ‘good’ experiences. The intense self-blame and analysis that arises when investigating my part in a ‘bad’ situation/environment feels like quite a redundant mechanism. Yes, self-analysis sparking conscious personal change towards positive expansion is a brilliant thing that comes out of considering one’s role in a negative environment. However, great attachment to the negative situation – (more specifically great attachment to one’s responsibility in the situation) slows expansion/growth.

Reflecting upon Gabe Salomon’s video ‘Everything You Need to Know About Manifestation’ I realise I really resonate with an idea he brought forward: Negative experiences are supremely designed by the higher self as ultimate situations to catalyse us, to create the MOST personal development. Although this concept was already well known to me before listening to Salomon, his perspective made me realise that the reality one creates can’t flow purely from the conscious mechanism. The subconscious and the higher self, along with our waking consciousness create our personal realities. This again, was something I knew yet didn’t really integrate as a core belief. Obviously, the subconscious mind and the timeless personality mothership, as integral parts of the self, play a great role in creating our reality. Imagining the waking consciousness create a whole reality autonomously would be like seeing a sprinter running a hundred metres, only as two legs. Although the legs are the most obviously required and active parts of the sprint, the feat would be absolutely impossible without the body, arms, and brain.

It must be understood that the negative experiences we encounter are not primarily created by a glaring negativity/fault in our minds. In their intricacies, they have been programmed with our higher self, which is innately aligned with us. We just need to align with it. We must align with negativity by seeing it as a product of the higher selfs’ orphic wisdom. Stay free/accepting, do not overly attach yourself to the negative experience: accept it, be thankful for the wise orchestration of the higher self. Analyse the experience (if it feels necessary) in non-judgment and self love, see what you can learn from it, how you can expand from it – use it as a brilliant springboard.

Accepting the ‘negative’, aligning yourself with the reality around you, the good and the bad, allows your being to transmute and settle. You open your being to the infinite positive realities that sit in potentiation. Accepting the negative, aligning with it and loving it in peace elevates your being. It opens your being to infinitesimal higher, more positive/self-aligned realities.

Before the directed measures of manifestation: visualisation, prayer, action… Remember the primary, imperative key to ‘creating your own reality’. Trust in the experience, accept and love it. Trust in the higher self’s actions. Release yourself totally to the authority of YOUR timeless higher being. Doing this in absolute integrity will by itself immediately attune one to greater personally-aligned realities. When aligning yourself with the situation, whatever it may be, consider yourself aligning with the higher self. The higher self is as equally loving as it knowing, it is your personal god, never-endingly trustworthy.

Remember also! Third density manifestation is created with a lag. Manifestation doesn’t happen instantly, as in higher densities. One projects the vibrations of what they wish to attract into the universe. Although immediately acknowledged by the higher self, guides, and subconscious, the physical world around you will require varying amounts of time to reflect back to you your projections. Therefore, whatever one’s ‘attracted’ environment may be, (disregarding the orchestrations of the higher self) is a projection of one’s vibrations of an earlier time. Our vibrations now create a reality for ourselves in the future, yet at the time our current thought-reality comes to fruition, we will be vibrating at another echelon again. When done consciously, with positive polarisation, each of these new vibrations is higher in tone.

So, to manifest from this point of alignment and acceptance: Realise what is wanted, and recognize the energy/vibration at the core of this want. Open yourself to the desired vibration, feel it in your own being. And, Always: Stay honest with yourself. Admit to yourself when in pain, and recognize the workings of the higher self at play. Be grateful for the responsibility the higher self has bestowed in you by exposing you to incredibly polarizing, ‘negative’ environments. Lots of the time you don’t need to focus on you doing anything wrong, instead focus on everything you are doing right. To Repeat a Never-endingly Relevant Concept: do not look for satisfaction in the world around you, look for it within yourself.


Truth in Tarot

“All things are one … there is no polarity, no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only identity”

-States Ra, an extra-terrestrial social memory complex from sixth density Venus-

Through the channeling abilities of Carla L. Rueckert, aided by esoteric research associates Don Elkins and James McCarty, five books with material ranging from thought-form UFOS to the meaning of human life were transmitted and published between 1981 and 1985. The social memory complex that identified itself as ‘Ra’ utilized Rueckert’s vocal range to exchange with the group whilst Rueckert went into unconscious trance. Ra disclosed very little information about itself, due to the emphasis Ra applied to impartially expressing information (and accompanied by the concern Ra voiced about potentially forming an unintended deific reputation among naïve readers). From material scattered throughout the books, a few facts were revealed about Ra:

1: They are beings that have experienced our dimension of existence, however they contacted the research group from a dimension elevated three cycles above our own

2: They exist in a plane in Venus beyond time and space

3: They contacted the ancient Egyptians, and taught them the healing powers of the pyramidal structure, along with the mysterious workings of Tarot.

Whether one wants to believe in the existence of transcendently wise aliens or not, the messages expressed by the elusive ‘Ra’ group do not need to be logically explained or believed to resonate with the soul. The ultimate principle of unity – undeniable and total oneness, permeated each Ra transmission.  Through this lens of total oneness, Ra balanced and united all notions of hierarchies, divisions, and polarities. The Ra transmissions crystallized the idea of a penetrating unity and harmony that primarily forms all apparent hierarchies and dichotomies. Before the transmission sessions were ended due to the death of significant team-member Don Elkins, Ra had begun divulging upon the topic of tarot: third-density archetypes of the human psyche. Ra’s impetus for discussing tarot arose from their own previous experience with the system. Ra believed that in studying the system, the pupils will learn to grasp the drive and purpose behind the human condition.

Tarot Arises from a Transcendental Framework

Fundamentally, all that exists is infinite intelligence. Infinite intelligence distorts itself to expand itself. The basis from which this distortion occurs is free will. From free will comes logos (love, creation), and from logos comes light, manifestation, matter. A single logos creates a galaxy, within this galaxy are many sub-logoi (stars). The sub-logoi create laws that deviate from the core laws provided by the source logoi. The sub-logoi also refine an archetypal mind for the sub-sub-logoi (beings, humans) in its system. This is refined from the cosmic mind collective of the solar system. The archetypal mind is a fundamental part of the mind complex, and resides within the high levels of the subconscious. Each archetype within itself is a whole theorem, and offers an abundance of material for the intellectual and intuitive mind. The consideration and contemplation of the archetypes, within the system and without, is a bountiful practice in the furtherance of pursuing infinite intelligence.

The executive intelligence of the cosmic mind sculpted the archetypes into a system offering an abundance of opportunities from which to evolve the soul. This individual soul evolution therefore expands the experience of the infinite creator. As all personalities stem from the one infinite creator, our core experiences of the archetypal system are somewhat aligned. However, perception of the archetypes does vary due to the unique expression that is every individual personality. A tarot card, astrological symbol, or element of the kabbalah’s tree of life does not truly define or explain an archetype. Studying the archetypes in any of these systems will provide one with a rough basis/starting point from which to intuit observations. Unquestioningly swallowing the prescribed attributes of a historical archetype image denies one the possibility of experiencing the archetype personally, and therefore in a less distorted way. So, I must make it clear that in writing about the archetypes I am not solidifying or defining them. I am providing an introduction to the system. This is information not to be immediately absorbed, but acknowledged, contemplated, and worked with. Words (however incredibly powerful) can only do so much. Words, in their brusque existence, can be diversely misinterpreted considering that they are subject to unique interpretation from the individual.

Varying Systems

Our multiple interpretations of the archetypes can be seen replicated in the varying archetypal systems of the tarot, kabbalah tree of life, and astrological signs and alignments. Three drastically different systems, all containing valid grounds to work from, all somewhat ‘distorted’ by the partial views of society at the time of their formation. However, the tarot (specifically Egyptian) with it’s obvious major arcana and clear yet detailed symbolic association with the subconscious mind, provides a straight-forward and highly enriching working ground. Separate from astronomical and religious associations, the tarot in its many forms acutely acquaints us with archetype structures. In dealing with the tarot, one is dealing with a nonjudgmental and flexible system. One is also dealing with a system that expresses timeless symbolism (black vs. white, staff, bird, sun…) as a form of universal language. Although never acknowledged by Ra as a valid archetypal system, Carl Jung’s observations about the ‘collective unconscious’ are astutely aligned with core concepts seen in tarot study. Jung’s perceptions provide scientific psychological validation for the tarot system:

“…the analogy, sometimes even identity, between various myth-motifs, and symbols, and the possibility of human beings making themselves mutually understood. The various lines of psychic development start from one common stock whose roots reach back into all the strata of the past”

Here Jung acknowledges the ubiquity and primal formation of the archetypes.

Understanding the structure of the archetypes starts with understanding the structure of our spiritual vehicles. Our transcendental personality/soul finds itself expressed in Mind, Body, and Spirit, well explained by Ra:

 “This mind/body/spirit complex totality functions as, shall we say, a resource for what you perhaps would call the Higher Self. The Higher Self, in turn, is a resource for examining the distillations of third-density experience and programming further experience.”

The mind complex is what holds all conscious and sub/unconscious material. It contains thoughts and feelings, and is influenced by the inpourings of the body and spirit. Deeper in the mind one finds the intuition, and even deeper comes the archetypal structures and eventual total union with infinite intelligence. The body is what we use as a lens in which to perceive and interact with the physical matrix around us, it is the literal physical manifestation of our mind and spirit. It is impermanent, malleable. The spirit is a channel bridging our consciousness with cosmic and individual influences, whilst also serving as a connection point where one can unite with intelligent infinity. Each complex: Mind, body, and spirit, have their own specific yet interconnected archetypal system. Everyone can (and does) work with the complexes and archetypal system, whether they are conscious of the systems of working or not. However, if one becomes informed of the nature of the mind body spirit complexes and archetypal system, working with these two aspects deepens and accelerates.

Each complex has seven archetype classifications: The Matrix, The Potentiator, The Catalyst, The Experience, The Significator, The Transformation, and the Great Way. By contemplating each archetype classification of mind, body, and spirit together (for example, simultaneously contemplating the potentiator of the mind, the body, and the spirit) one begins to realize the deep mutual dependency of the three complexes. Jung acknowledged this, using the word ‘spirit’ to represent both mind and spirit: “…the spirit is the life of the body seen from within, and the body the outward manifestation of the life of the spirit–the two being really one…”

In accordance with the Egyptian and Rider-Waite Tarot, listed below are the three complexes and their adjoining archetypes, plus the liminal twenty-second archetype, the fool:



Matrix: The Magician

Potentiator: The High Priestess

Catalyst: The Empress

Experience: The Emperor

Significator: The Hierophant

Transformation: Two Paths/The Lovers

The Great Way: The Chariot



Matrix: Justice/‘balanced working’

Potentiator: The Hermit/Sage/‘wisdom’

Catalyst: Wheel of Fortune

Experience: Strength/The Enchantress

Significator: The Hanged Man/Martyr

Transformation: Death

The Great Way: Temperance/The Alchemist



Matrix: The Devil

Potentiator: The Tower/Lightning Struck Tower

Catalyst: The Star (of Hope)/’Faith’

Experience: The Moon

Significator: The Sun

Transformation: Judgement

The Great Way: The Universe/The World



The Fool



Through the structures of each of these archetypes opportunity for expansion filters itself. This opportunity can be named ‘catalyst,’ and is broadly represented by the third archetype of each system. Catalyst is anything, that processed and not repressed by the mind/body/spirit complex expands the development of the being. Catalyst commonly initiates one to realize their blind-spots and blockages. Through this acknowledgment and treatment of weakness, one grows in wisdom. In utter honesty, catalyst can be absolutely anything – provided an entity is open and receptive. Also, catalysts are not random. Accepting that growth and expansion of unique perception are the primary ‘goals’ fueling third-density incarnation, the structure of catalysts within one’s life is fundamental to the intention of that incarnation/life. The higher self (or in cases of less-evolved beings, the sub-logoi) programme the planned incarnation with certain things to act as catalyst, to mold the being in a unique direction. – For example, pre-incarnation, a non-physical mind body spirit complex could programme its life to contain an abusive, invalidating relationship. This would prompt one to process their self-love/personal value, and therefore better understand one’s eternal validity. By experiencing catalyst (which is commonly trauma) one becomes connected to the greater power of the universe. This is backed up by Tessa Brudevold-Iverson, a clinical psychologist briefly interviewed for this article: “One of things people struggle with is a search for meaning, a lot of the time when I see people they describe a sense of emptiness or disconnectedness, and it is very very hard to integrate trauma that has happened in life without a sense of connectedness and meaning.” One realizes catalytic action, followed by accepting, processing, and transforming, is necessary for growth personal wisdom. By working through catalyst, connection with reality’s inherent spiritual basis becomes obvious. In many cases, it is only obvious to the subconscious



However, smooth flow of catalyst integration is not guaranteed. It can in fact be slowed in one way (note, it is impossible to say stopped). This slowing is resistance to catalyst, and presents itself in a multitude of forms: -Repression of emotionally triggering memories

-Over-identification with transitory material concepts

-Refusal to release limiting habits/beliefs (and)

-Lack of polarization

Lack of polarization is the defeatist inertia experienced by those unaccepting of (and therefore un-propelled by) the seeking of a ‘higher’ yet innate power. ‘Polarization’ can be found in periods of depression and dissatisfaction with the current state of accepted existence, which leads onto dynamize the entity into searching for more.

From a broader perspective, these blockages of catalytic action are actually catalysts within themselves, when finally acknowledged and overcome. However, in working with these specific catalysts, the constantly accelerating progression of evolution is dramatically slowed. In accepting the unavoidability of flow, change, and challenge within life, one works through catalyst (and therefore the archetypes) with increasing adeptness. “Real liberation comes not from glossing over or repressing painful states of feeling, but only from experiencing them to the full.” (Jung). Seeing and feeling beyond judgment, beyond ego, and beyond the conscious mind opens one up to the infinite love and wisdom inherent in our deepest being. It is this love and wisdom that gives one perspective and faith to work through the challenges of third density catalytic life. This (from the material plane) naïve acceptance of existence is embodied in the 22nd archetype, The Fool. The Fool invigorates one to accept catalytic life in the childish innocence of faith and beingness. Although exteriorly seen as ignorant and naive, The Fool possesses a powerful intuitive connection with infinite intelligence. Erratic free expression/inevitable missteps only confirm The Fool’s inherent faith. The Fool does step blindly into the abyss, yet is willing to exist in and accept the present moment non-judgmentally. These traits give this archetype both peace and the fearless ability to explore creation, for the sake of timeless experience. Tessa Brudevold Iverson’s opinions about mindfulness techniques relate to the traits of The Fool: “Practicing non-judgment when you’re observing the situation and your emotions around it really helps you to see the situation in honesty … When you use aware participation in an activity you become involved in the moment…you expose yourself to… potentially beneficial interactive opportunities you might have otherwise avoided…”

As Above, So Below: Just like the laws of the universe (Creation and Knowledge emerging from Free Will), so do the archetypes operate. By interacting with life one creates, and therefore grows in knowledge. The embarkment upon this creative journey, and the brilliant candor and total abandon one employs whilst on the journey, are products of undeniable free will. Once a certain level of wisdom is reached through this process, development of free will creative capacities dramatically advances. Understanding the archetypes to an extent, and most imperatively accepting the oneness of life, an entity opens up to integrating and working with the notion of attracting one’s own reality. At this stage, it is known that all in life is catalyst, and catalyst represents what needs development in one’s being. So, life generally reflects one’s current inner state. Life will not only provide one with challenges symbolic of one’s deep issues, life will also provide one with abundance synonymous with one’s strengths. Say an entity has extreme self-respect, so in turn they will receive extreme respect from others (to employ a very basic example).

The entity coming into adepthood has meditated upon archetypes, upon the purpose of catalyst, and has worked through their life themes. As a result of this process, the entity heals and balances itself, creating a ‘clean canvas’ upon which to paint their deepest desires. Working through primary/traumatic life-theme archetypes clears one of influences that could potentially manipulate the nature of what one manifests in the physical. I don’t mean to say that creating one’s reality begins with intense archetypal study. However, to create one’s reality in the absolute purest form, one needs to lucidly resolve catalyst issues, working from personal knowledge and intuition.

This stage of lucid, unbiased thought – to – matter manifestation is a significant part of evolution into green-ray reality. Combined with total non-judgment, acceptance of other-self as self, and diminishment of ego, creation of personal reality truly intensifies vibration with infinite intelligence.

Ultimately, archetypal work (specifically archetypal study) leads one into great expansion of the self. By comprehending the nature of third-dimensional reality through examination and embodiment of archetypes, one becomes immersed in the greater knowledge of what shapes our universe. The overwhelming epiphanies experienced in this line of study can only be felt, not explained. The seeker who studies this system becomes one who observes human interactions from a perspective based upon the empyrean unity of all things. This seeker acknowledges the fundamental role unique identity (and therefore archetype embodiment) plays in the development of the experience of the infinite creator. For instance, one could be observing two friends fight as one naively tries to talk another out of chemical dependency. Before archetypal awareness you would be frustrated and confused at the situation. With the integration of archetypal study, you accept that both friends are at a stage of processing catalyst in a way unique to them. Both friends ultimately spawn from the same multifaceted source you do, therefore you love and accept their struggle. Previous feelings of anguish over the perceived pointlessness of human pursuits and interactions are released. By setting great groundwork through investigating the system at the core of human behavior, one’s mind expands to welcome new, deeper, even more mystical concepts. Archetypal study and working becomes a brilliant gateway into cosmic realms. Potential becomes unlocked, and the human becomes free to expand themselves to the echelon of all-encompassing love/acceptance.

Relevant Quotes – The Law of One: Book 4


THOUGHT FORMS: …for any thought is a form or symbol or thing that is an object seen in time/space reference. P. 10

THREE FORMS OF ARCHETYPAL STUDY: It is appropriate to study one form of constructed and organized distortion of the archetypical mind in depth in order to arrive at the position of being able to become and to experience archetypes at will. You have three basic choices. You may choose astrology, the twelve signs, as you call these portions of your planet’s energy web, and what has been called the ten planets. You may choose the tarot with its twenty-two so-called Major Arcana. You may choose the study of the so-called Tree of Life with its ten Sephiroth and the twenty-two relationships between the stations. Pgs. 11-12

ARCHETYPAL MIND THROUGH LOGOI: The archetypical mind is that mind which is peculiar to the Logos under which influence you are at this space/time distorting your experiences. There is no other Logos the archetypical mind of which would be the same any more than the stars would appear the same from another planet in another galaxy. You may correctly infer that the closer Logoi are indeed closer in archetypes. P.12

ARCHETYPAL FORMATION: Q: in that case, you would have as a Logos, you would have the advantage of selecting the form of acceleration, I might say, of spiritual evolution by planning for what we call the major archetypical philosophical foundation and planning these as a function of the polarity that would be gained in third density. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is exquisitely correct. P.22

UNCONSCIOUS/HIGH PRIESTESS POTENTIATOR OF THE MIND: It is to be noted that of itself consciousness is unmoved. The potentiator of the consciousness is the unconscious. This encompasses a vast realm of potential in the mind. P.27

IMPORTANCE OF POLARISING ENVIRONMENTS, THEY ACCELERATE GROWTH: Consider, if you will, the tendency of those who are divinely happy, as you call this distortion, to have little urge to alter or better their condition. Such is the result of the mind/body/spirit which is not complex. There is the possibility of love of other-selves and service to other-selves, but there is the overwhelming awareness of the Creator in the self. The connection with the Creator is that of the umbilical cord. The security is total. Therefore, no love is terribly important; no pain terribly frightening; no effort, therefore, is made to serve for love or to benefit from fear. P.69

IMPORTANCE OF ALLIANCE IN THE SEEKING OF THE CREATOR: Those of like mind which together seek shall far more surely find P. 77

PENETRATION OF VEIL SYNONYMOUS WITH GREEN RAY: The penetration of the veil may be seen to begin to have its roots in the gestation of green-ray activity, that all-compassionate love which demands no return. If this path is followed the higher energy centers shall be activated and crystallized until the adept is born. Within the adept is the potential for dismantling the veil to a greater or lesser extent that all may be seen again as one. The other-self is primary catalyst in this particular path to the piercing of the veil, if you would call it that. Pgs. 77-78

NATURE OF THE UNCONSCIOUS: The nature of the unconscious is the nature of the concept rather than the word. P.97

CONNECTION TO HGHER SELF AND GUIDES IN SLEEP STATE/DREAMING: As a mind/body/spirit complex consciously chooses the path of the adept and, with each energy center balanced to a minimal degree, begins to open the indigo-ray energy center, the so-called dreaming becomes the most efficient tool for polarization, for, if it is known by the adept that work may be done in consciousness while the so-called conscious mind rests, this adept may call upon those which guide it, those presences which surround it, and, most of all, the magical personality which is the higher self in space/time analog as it moves into the sleeping mode of consciousness. With these affirmations attended to, the activity of dreaming reaches that potential of learn/teaching which is most helpful to increasing the distortions of the adept towards its chosen polarity. P.98

ALL IS CATALYST: All that assaults our senses is catalyst. We, unspeaking to this support group through this instrument, offer catalyst. The configurations of each in the group of body offer catalyst through comfort, discomfort. in fact all that is unprocessed that has come before the notice of a mind/body/spirit complex is catalyst. P.167